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Contribute to GNS3

The GNS3 community welcomes new contributors. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes - we are here to help.

Help Users

The best way to initially contribute is to help other users on the GNS community:

Report Bugs

The best way to report bugs is via the GNS3 community:

The forum is a good place to report issues because the whole community can help debug and propose workarounds.

If you know exactly what’s wrong, report the issue directly on Github:

New Appliances

You can submit new a appliance template using the following link:

Look at samples here:


An easier way to submit your new appliance is via a GitHub pull request.

You can find the GNS3 source code on

The GNS3 software is licensed via the GNU General Public License (GPLV3). GNS3 welcomes new code contributors. If you have an idea that you want to implement, don’t hesitate to open an issue (we will guide you if needed).

For the first step with the code read this documentation: Development of GNS3


Typos, mistakes

You can suggest changes on any documentation by clicking on the Edit this article button on each documentation.


This will open Google Doc where you can suggest your modifications:


New documentation

If you want to contribute to the documentation you can send emails to [email protected] with your suggested document. You can also send us a Google Docs document which will make the integration easier. Don’t worry about formatting - just use standard styles (Heading 1, Heading 2, Normal text).

Test Builds

The GNS3 developers regularly post new alpha/beta/release candidates. You can find links to the builds pinned in the GNS3 forums. Please help us test the software.

If you want to test a nightly build, you can find them here:


Be aware that these versions may not work and you could lose your data..