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Port name formatting

Some nodes (like QEMU VMs) will allow you to personalize the name of its ports, in order to match the name of the interfaces inside the emulator.

Simple Syntax

The first set of curly brackets ({}) will be replaced by the interface number For example: eth{} will give:

  • eth0
  • eth1
  • eth2

A more verbose name format, like eth{port0} and eth{0}, will have the same effect.

Use Segments

Segments allow you to split your interface in multiple ports For example, here is Ethernet{segment0}/{port0} with a specified segment size of 3:

  • Ethernet0/0
  • Ethernet0/1
  • Ethernet0/2
  • Ethernet1/0
  • Ethernet1/1

You can also change the start number. For example, this is Ethernet{segment1}/{port1} with a segment size of 3:

  • Ethernet1/1
  • Ethernet1/2
  • Ethernet1/3
  • Ethernet2/1
  • Ethernet2/2

This work from port0 to port9. If you need a bigger range, feel free to ask us.